Re: "Crooked 737s?"

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Date:         12 Oct 96 21:34:27 
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Jim Messina wrote:
>Jos Gielen wrote:
>> ALL 737's do it, also the ones I know off that don't taxi single
>> engine. On a a twin engine jet that is stupid by the way, unless your
>> pretty light and looking at long delays on the taxitrack ...

>That's what I said but is hardly stupid to many operators who use this
>method quite routinely.

In light of this discussion, I thought the following bit from an AP
article on Delta Express was interesting:

    Delta Express expects to save money in other ways, such as taxiing
    into gates using only the left engine, so that baggage can be
    unloaded from the right side and ensure a quick turnaround for the
    next takeoff.

Not quite the same circumstances as taxiing out to the runway for
departure (with the added weight of fuel for the flight), but clearly
Delta doesn't think it's stupid to taxi on one engine.

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