Re: High tech jets = High risk jets?

From: (Andrew Boyd)
Organization: QNX Software Systems
Date:         10 Feb 96 15:12:12 
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Jean-Francois Mezei <> wrote:
>An airline ... is not about to put a young guy fresh out of pilot school
>at the controls of a 747-400 worth many millions of dollars.

But isn't that exactly what the european [and asian] airlines do?

They don't really have much GA or military to provide a source of
experienced pilots.  I've read that european airlines routinely
take people off the street, put them thru a six-month cram course
to get barely qualified and off they go into the right seat.

Of course, an experienced pilot is in the left seat, who continues
the education of the low-time copilot.

Compare that to north america, where it's extraordinarily unusual
to get into the right seat of a major airline with less than 3,000
hrs and an ATPL.

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