Re: Why not a full length upper deck on a 747-600X

From: (DLawler)
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Date:         12 Oct 96 02:36:04 
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Boeing has looked at the full-upper deck 747 as well as a tri-deck version
(referred to as the 787 and the 7-"BIG"-7).  Air Bus, as I recall, is more
interested in the tri-deck version and have their own designs.  As far as
I know, we have never considered actually jointly _developing_ (i.e.
building) these variants with Air Bus, but we did do some joint business
studies to see if anyone would be interested in aircraft this big.  One of
the main problems with either of these designs is that without changes in
passenger/cargo loading, it can take forever to load and unload them due
to their size.
     A few airlines do seem interested in this but the current decision is
to go for a more incremental expansion of capacity.

- David Lawler
  formerly of Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group, Experimental Flight Test
  now Boeing Defense and Space Group