Re: Back on the Named Engines thread...

From: (Charles Spencer)
Organization: Edinburgh University
Date:         12 Oct 96 02:36:02 
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"J. Heilig" <> writes:

>Looking through some reference material on the Avro Vulcan bomber
>recently, I stumbled across something that I already knew, but didn't
>think about during the recent "engine names" thread.

>Perhaps someone at Rolls-Royce can tell us why RR only named one engine
>after a mountain?  As far as I'm aware, the Olympus was the only engine
>RR named thus.  Otherwise we'd have the Rolls-Royce Everest, K-2 (?),
>Erebus (not a bad name...), Kilimanjaro, Fuji (maybe not), etc.  Perhaps
>it's because England doesn't have any memorable mountain names?

I might be able to suggest an answer to this. The Olympus engine was
originally developed by Bristol Siddeley (I might be wrong in the name),
and only taken over by Rolls-Royce when the company was taken over
(again, I'm not sure of the history). The Proteus was a turboprop
engine, which powered the Britannia airliner, so there was probably a
Greek mythology thread being followed,


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