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From: (C.A.R.Beveridge \(Colin\))
Organization: Electrical Engineering Department, University of Edinburgh
Date:         12 Oct 96 02:36:02 
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In article <airliners.1996.1961@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "J. Heilig" <> writes:
|> Looking through some reference material on the Avro Vulcan bomber
|> recently, I stumbled across something that I already knew, but didn't
|> think about during the recent "engine names" thread.
|> Perhaps someone at Rolls-Royce can tell us why RR only named one engine
|> after a mountain?  As far as I'm aware, the Olympus was the only engine
|> RR named thus.  Otherwise we'd have the Rolls-Royce Everest, K-2 (?),
|> Erebus (not a bad name...), Kilimanjaro, Fuji (maybe not), etc.  Perhaps
|> it's because England doesn't have any memorable mountain names?

You forget that Rolls-Royce is a British company and we have several
memorable mountain names, I can think of Ben Nevis for one. So that's
not the reason.

Also I don't believe that Olympus is just a mountain name, it also
suggests power and strength, and durability. Other mountain names
such as Everest suggest danger etc and would not be such good marketing


Colin A R Beveridge

Microelectronic Engineering
The University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom