Re: High tech jets = High risk jets?

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Organization: CyberGate, Inc.
Date:         10 Feb 96 15:12:11 
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> >>This is prejudice.
> >>
> >>Do you really think that the nationality of the crew makes any difference
> >>in terms of proficiency and professionalism?

	This is *not* prejudice.  I have flown in a lot of places where
	the "local" pilots (in general) were as good or better than anyone
	I've run across.  I've also been in a lot of places where the local
	pilots were absolute walking accidents.  It has nothing to do with
	the nationality, ethnicity, or anything else, of the pilot.  The color
	of his/her skin or the language spoken has nothing to do with piloting
	abilities.  It all comes down to training and experience.  In many
	parts of the world, the mindset of the entire aviation community is
	totally different than it is in many "first world" areas.  If the
	whole perception of what is "safe" is markedly different, you're bound
	to get a higher accident rate.

	A good example (and NO flames are intended here) is the former USSR.
	I have read accident reports for things that have happened there that
	would result in airline shutdowns in Europe, the USA, or parts of the
	Far East.  Drunken pilots taxiing airplanes through the walls of
	hangars, pilots asleep (literally) at the controls and running out
	of fuel, things like that.

	I personally flew (only once...) with a pilot who rotated the airplane
	with one hand while putting the gear handle into the up position with
	the other hand at the same time.  That kind of mindset is not generated
	in a quality training and/or regulatory environment.

	Statistics don't lie.  To be sure, they *can* be manipulated, but to
	what end?  In whose interest would it be to make accident statistics
	higher for third world airlines?  Surely the major world carriers,
	even if they *could* manipulate these figures, would have no reason
	to do so.  What would they gain?

	I don't think this is a case of's a case of looking
	realistically at the numbers and the reasons behind the numbers.

	Jennings Heilig