Re: "Crooked 737s?"

From:         "Ted Pleavin" <pleavin@HK.Super.NET>
Organization: Alexander Gallery
Date:         12 Oct 96 02:36:01 
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Gary S. James  <> wrote in article
> In <airliners.1996.1930@ohare.Chicago.COM> (MikeM727)
> >In article <airliners.1996.1913@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
> (DDAnd)
> >writes:
> I've been looking at them more closely lately and they are not always
> in the same direction nor are they weathercocking into the prevailing
> wind.  If there are any 737 CA's/FO's out there, how about looking in
> the manual and see if the gear has a swiveling capability?

Did anyone ask if the taxi way was flat or concave.  Maybe it's the gear
trying to keep up to the nose gear.  I do know the 747 is hard to keep on
the center line of a concave taxi way because it wants to roll off either

Cheers Ted.