Re: Air Canada DC-9s questions

From: (Thundercraft)
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Date:         12 Oct 96 02:36:00 
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In article <airliners.1996.2022@ohare.Chicago.COM>, says...
>This has almost nothing to do with your question, other that about Air
>Canada DC-9s. On a sightseeing trip to O'Hare last Friday I spotted an Air
>Canada "Nine" ready for immediate departure (an old one, I'd presume, since
>it was in old colors and looked rather short; my guess is a -10 or -30). I
>peered down the jetway, which was different from all the other jetways at
>O'Hare -- it was specially designed with "Air Canada and a maple leaf on
>the side and had small rectangular windows on the side. The angle of the
>jetway downward was very steep: something like 20 degrees, rather than the
>gentle slope of most jetways. My guess is that the gate was meant for
>larger aircraft (prob. A320s) which are taller, thus having their doors
>higher off the ground (the DC-9 is very low to the ground). Any other

Sounds to me like you were looking at a Canadair CL-65, not a DC-9.  On
checking Air Canada's web site ( you will see the a/c type
CRJ (Canadair Regional Jet) as well as A320 and DC9 on the Toronto YYZ to
Chicago flt schedule.

The CL-65 seats 50, so it would look like an old DC9-10, except that it sits
closer to the ground.  I believe that the CL-65 has its roots in the Canadair
Challenger 601 business jet.