Re: Native pilots: was >High tech jets = High risk jets?

From: (Ralph Ricks )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         10 Feb 96 15:12:11 
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In <airliners.1995.2066@ohare.Chicago.COM>
(Jean-Francois Mezei) writes:
>So airlines like Cathay and SIA hired experienced and senior pilots and
>most of them came from countries such as the UK, Canada and Australia and

>Furthermore, if you look back at the time where these airlines were
>created, cities such as Hong Kong showed a HUGE gap between the
>rich/educated expats and the chinese masses living in poverty conditions.
>Few locals at the time had the education that they now have. So, while
>the hiring of expat pilots may seem racist nowadays, was it not their only
>option back then ?

>The real question should be: How long because cities such as HKG and
>Sinpagore will have enough experienced pilots born there so that airlines
>like Cathay and SIA won't have to hire expats anymore ? My personal opinion
>is that it is slowly happening now.

And just where do native pilots get experience?  HKG and Sing have
almost no private flying, and little if any air force.  Chinese are a
near-sighted race, further limiting the young pilot pool.  Glasses sell
well in HKG.  Also, I recently read, in AvWeek I believe, that the
young people in HKG are not very interested in flying as a career--they
make more money in business.

Germany, Japan and other countries send their young pilots to the US
for training, as we have the planes, the space, and the freedom.  You
cannot understand the poor English much of the time on the SoCalif

You must be a Mexican citizen to hold a Mexican commercial pilot's
license, so there are no expat crews in Mexico.  The pilot shortage in
Mexico was so severe about 15 years ago, that Mexicana had a 23 year
old 727 captain, and any kid with a commercial ticket (200 hours) could
get on as flight engineer.  They had 18 year old engineers, and 19 year
old copilots.  The shortage has since eased.  Also, many Mexicans come
to the US for pilot training.

General Aviation and the freedom to fly privately is a wonderful
resource in the US.