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>Long time ago (1975?) Aerolineas Argentinas advertised it was pioneering
>passanger flights over the South Pole. Maybe it is wrong, but I recall
>there were flights from Buenos Aires to Tokyo. I can't remember if these
>flights had a stop at Auckland, NZ.

EZE-NRT non-stop is 9883nm, well beyond the range of any airliner in
service today, much less twenty years ago.  Even going via AKL, they
would have to go pretty far out of their way to cross the South Pole --
neither the non-stop nor the one-stop route even cross over Antarctica
much less the pole.

>How far from any suitable airport were this Aerolineas
>Argentinas' planes allowed to flight?

In 1975, ETOPS didn't exist, so they would have to have used a three-
or four-engined airliner, which would have been allowed to go anywhere
they wanted without regard to distance from an alternate airport.

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