Re: longest flight?

From:         Adam Dobrzycki <>
Date:         12 Oct 96 02:35:59 
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  or MIME structure (Graeme Cant) wrote:
=> Finally, AFAIK (and it's not my area) the 757 is the only modern
=> Western aeroplane certified to takeoff and land at altitudes above
=> 10000ft.  An emergency landing by a 747 could produce a great new
=> restaurant at Lhasa!

In 1994 I flew from EL Alto airport in La Paz, Bolivia (LPB), which is
at an altitude of ca. 4,100 m or 13,500 ft. I was on a 757, but there
were 727's, 737's and DC-9's on the tarmac.

BTW, taking off was an experience. We were going REALLY fast. It took an
almost empty 757 with little fuel exactly 49 seconds (I measured) from
the moment we started the take-off roll to the moment we were airborne.
We proceeded to Santa Cruz (VVI), where the plane was filled with
passengers and fuel for a flight to Miami (MIA). Then we took off again
- this time it was 26 seconds...

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