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>> Air Mauritius wins the award though for the longest ETOPS segment, 175
>> minutes from the equal time point, on their segment from mauritius to
>> perth.
>> There is an enroute alternate, the Turks and caicos Islands (I think),

>Well, I suggest you mean the USAF Base of Diego Carcia ?!
>But it is really off course.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are definitely off course -- they're east
of Cuba.  But Diego Garcia provides only a sliver of coverage along
the route from Mauritius to Perth.  Most of midpoint would use Cocos
Island (aka Keeling Island) as an alternate.

In fact, looking at the map, at the most remote portion of the route,
the plane is not only more than 175 minutes from the closest alternate,
it's more than 180 minutes.  The point at which you're exactly 180
minutes from both Diego Garcia and Cocos Island is only a bit north of
the direct route from Mauritius to Perth, so presumably they fly to
that point and then turn slightly to the south.

>> I have one of the flight plans for this segment from their Chief Pilot for
>> B767-300s from back in 1992.

>As I know, MK only use 767 200

Yep, two of them, no -300s.  They also have an L-1011 and several
A340-300s (with more on order), and used to fly the 747SP.

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