Re: longest flight?

From:         Tukano <immoeadj@cetus.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE>
Organization: Technical University Berlin, Germany
Date:         12 Oct 96 02:35:59 
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D Snow wrote:
> On 25 Sep 1996, Adam Dobrzycki wrote:
> Air Mauritius wins the award though for the longest ETOPS segment, 175
> minutes from the equal time point, on their segment from mauritius to
> perth.
> There is an enroute alternate, the Turks and caicos Islands (I think),
> which results in an 886NM 2  hour radius of action, but when the WX is
> good then MK can plan 3 HRs, which I think was 1330NM

Well, I suggest you mean the USAF Base of Diego Carcia ?!
But it is really off course.

> I have one of the flight plans for this segment from their Chief Pilot for
> B767-300s from back in 1992.

As I know, MK only use 767 200

Nevertheless it is an impressive routing.