High airports (was longest flight)

From:         "Niels M. Sampath" <niels@lofgren.demon.co.uk>
Organization: i b4 e xcept after c
Date:         12 Oct 96 02:35:59 
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           graemec@ibm.net "Graeme Cant" writes:

> Finally, AFAIK (and it's not my area) the 757 is the only modern
> Western aeroplane certified to takeoff and land at altitudes above
> 10000ft.  An emergency landing by a 747 could produce a great new
> restaurant at Lhasa!

Not my area either  B^)   but I'm sure I've seen photos of
a variety of a/c at Lhasa (maybe not 747). And isn't La Paz
in Bolivia above 10,000, and served by a wide variety of a/c?