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Date:         12 Oct 96 02:35:58 
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Karl Swartz wrote:

> It was an Eastern L-1011, flying from Miami to San Juan.  I don't have
> the date but I thought it was in the 1970s.  (Details appreciated if
> anyone can supply them.)

Karl from what I can recall. An apprentice installed the main magnetic
oil plugs on the engines without o-rings. I'm not sure if a runup after
maintenance was performed was done though.

> The single point of failure in this incident was the mechanic -- one
> individual improperly serviced all three engines.  I believe one of
> the operational ETOPS requirements is that the same mechanics cannot
> work on both engines.  That's why ETOPS is painted clearly on the nose
> of all ETOPS-certified aircraft -- the ramp people need to follow
> special procedures in servicing an ETOPS aircraft.

The company that I work for only requires that another individual
certify along side the mech that did the job. This way you've got two
pairs of eyes looking at the job instead of one. Also if work is
performed on eng. elec/pneu/hyd/oil and/or fuel systems, an engine runup
afterward is required.

Special procedures for ETOPS are different for each type of a/c . They
may be as simple as checking APU oil level or performing several more
involved tasks.

Francisco Marreiros