STHOOTP Incidents

From:         Andrew Goldfinger <>
Organization: apl
Date:         12 Oct 96 02:31:25 
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     I know that extensive statistical studies have been done showing
that the incidence of fatal accidents aboard commercial aircraft is quite
low -- of the order of magnitude 1.0E-6 per passenger-flight.  However, I
have never seen any statistics on the incidence of STHOOTP events.

     I am referring, of course, to "Scare The Heck Out Of The Passengers"
incidents, that is, events that cause normal persons (excluding me -- a
nervous flyer) to become frightened.  Now, I have taken about 500
commercial flights in my life time.  I have experienced one aborted take
off, and two episodes of scary (to me) turbulence.  This small sample
indicates an incidence of about 0.6% per passenger-flight.

     Dose any one have a feel for the true incidence rate?  Can we
sci.aeronautics.airliners readers conduct an informal study?  If you
would like to participate, please send me (via e-mail to an estimate of the number of flights you have
taken in your lifetime, and a count of STHOOTP incidents, with a short
description of each.  I will combine the results, and report them to the
news group.