Re: B737 Info

From:         Reid Fairburn <>
Date:         11 Oct 96 19:44:54 
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At 11:29 AM 10/10/96, you wrote:
>Does anyone know ??
>What is the relative fuselage movement over a 3foot area on the top
>centerline of a B737-500 due to:
>	1. A/C Dynamics (In Flight and during Landing)
>	2. Pressure differentials (0 to 40,000 ft)

I am a little confused by your question.  Movement relative to what?
Are you looking for fuselage expansion or bending? or for movement of the
entity off of the centerline during coordinated flight?  Where is the 3 ft
area located...front, middle, or in the rear of the fuselage?  Is the 3 ft
area just a grid placed over the CG or what?

Reid Fairburn
Creative Kingdom, Inc.