Re: Crew Lock-out

From:         Tukano <>
Organization: Technical University Berlin, Germany
Date:         11 Oct 96 19:44:54 
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Kevin Keenan wrote:
> This is either old news, new news, of total BS.
> Has anyone heard of a crew that both left the seats and the crew cabin on a
> newer pax airliner, and had the door swing shut and lock behind them?  Story
> is that they used a crash axe to return to the flight deck.
I have heard exactly the same story, but not the details of the Flight
and A/C type. I have been told that it happened in Central- or
Westafrica in the late 70s or early 80s.

In my version, the reason for the captain was to leave the cockpit  to
meet a stewardess in the back of the cabin. The first officer left his
seat because he was estonished that the captain hadn't been back at the
Top Of Descent. This says to me that it was probably a Turboprop with
one Flight Attendant, and probabaly without an on Board Communication
device for the crewmembers. When both the Captain and the First Officer
walked back to the cockpit, they were not able to open the door, and the
Passengers realised the situation immediately. They sad to the crew that
"it would be very helpful for all of us if you succeed quickly in
openning that door".
I don't know if it is the same story you mean, but it has at least a lot
of similarities,
So long,
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