Re: 757 jitter

From:         "Dr. Dale Tuttle" <>
Organization: Ciesin
Date:         10 Feb 96 15:12:10 
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> Has anyone noticed that if you sit aft of the wings in a 757, when the
> aircraft makes a maneuver, there is a slight "jitter" from side to
> side?  It doesn't happen on 737s, nor 747s.

Are you referring to the slight yaw you feel in the aircraft?

I saw an article in Aviation Week a month or so ago about this
issue.  The 767 and 777 have this shimmy problem too, but mostly
detectable when you are in the extreme rear of the aircraft.  It was
bad enough in the 777 to make experienced flight attendants

AW indicated that a software fix had successfully addressed the
problem.  I think part of the problem was with the very large tail
surfaces on those aircraft, making it necessary to incorporate
software fixes to the yaw damper.

If I come across it again, I will let you know.

dale tuttle