Re: Sterile Cockpit ????

From: (Petter Lorck)
Organization: SN Internett
Date:         11 Oct 96 19:44:53 
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>What is the "sterile cockpit" rule.  Something to do with vasectomies?
This is how the flight training manual for my airline defines "sterile

"During critical phases of flight, no cockpit crew member should
perform any duties that are not required for safe operation of the
aircraft. Duties such as calls on company frequencies and  PA
announcements from cockpit for non safety-related purposes, are
considered as not required for the safe operation of the aircraft.
Distracting activities and conversation or visits to the cockpit by
cabin attendants or others should not be permitted during these phases
of flight. Critical phases of flight in this respect include ground
operation involving taxi, take-off and landing and all flight
operation during climb and descent below Transition Level/Transition

Other airlines may have a different policy, as to when sterile cockpit
rules is in effect.


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