Re: Air Canada DC-9s questions

From:         "McElravy" <>
Date:         11 Oct 96 19:44:49 
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This has almost nothing to do with your question, other that about Air
Canada DC-9s. On a sightseeing trip to O'Hare last Friday I spotted an Air
Canada "Nine" ready for immediate departure (an old one, I'd presume, since
it was in old colors and looked rather short; my guess is a -10 or -30). I
peered down the jetway, which was different from all the other jetways at
O'Hare -- it was specially designed with "Air Canada and a maple leaf on
the side and had small rectangular windows on the side. The angle of the
jetway downward was very steep: something like 20 degrees, rather than the
gentle slope of most jetways. My guess is that the gate was meant for
larger aircraft (prob. A320s) which are taller, thus having their doors
higher off the ground (the DC-9 is very low to the ground). Any other