Re: DC-9/MD-80 Type Certificate

From:         Ron Adams <>
Organization: Random Access Inc. +1 (800) 910-1190
Date:         10 Oct 96 11:29:27 
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> Jennings Heilig wrote:
> >Terrell D. Drinkard wrote:
> >> I'm pretty sure that all the MD-80/90 aircraft have the same type
> >> certificate as the DC-9.  Could you double check your references?
> >       Nope, Karl is correct.  McDD got a new type certificate for

> >... If you look at the
> >airworthiness certificate on the front bulkhead sometime you'll see
> >what it's listed as...  All of DL's are listed as TYPE:  MD-88
> The MD-90, as I heard it, was the first of the DC-9 series to have a
> completely new type certificate.  I looked thru but
> couldn't find anything relevant, unfortunately.

On my ATP certificate, it just says DC-9.  The training to fly the
series just consists of differences training if one is already trained
in one of the flavors...DC-9, MD-88, MD-90, etc. I know MC-D was pushing
hard to have the FAA certify the series the same so they could sell them
easier.  Basically, the only differences are engine and avionics.  Its
still a fly-by-cable and tab system!

Ron Adams
MD88 (soon to be B-767/757) Captain