Re: Undercarriage retraction on the ground

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Date:         10 Oct 96 11:29:26 
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   Peter Coe expressed amazement at a report that a 747 at
BA Cardiff had its undercarriage retracted while on the ground.
   Years ago when I read Nevil Shute's "No Highway", I was
skeptical when the hero retracted an airliner's undercart while
on the ground to disable the craft.
   I strongly suspect that the landing gear must be designed
to overcenter mechanically such that the actuators don't have
enough force to overcome the weight of the plane. The
extreme rarity of this type of incident suggests something
fail safe about the system.
                                             Regards, Roy G.

   P.S. It was amusing that the paperback I was reading
had a cover painting of a jetliner, whereas the text described
the propellers bending as the airliner settled to the tarmac.