Re: Undercarriage retraction on the ground

From:         Paul Kearney <>
Organization: Ireland On-Line
Date:         10 Oct 96 11:29:26 
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On 8 Oct 1996, Peter Coe wrote:

> one of them was a short news piece about a 747 that was getting wheeled
> out of BA's Cardiff maintenance facility, when someone inadvertently
> retracted the undercarriage.  The result was $1million repair charge.
> Does anyone know more about this kind of scenario in general.

 Not a very nice thing to happen to anyone.

 Theres a nose-wheel-strut locking pin that SHOULD be in place
 when the aircraft is not being used.
 Its usually on a bar about 5 foot long ( for easy removal from ground level)

 However to purposely cause the landing gear to go "up" is very hard
to do for someone in the cockpit during push-out of a hangar.
The person 'on the brakes' in the cockpit would be a 'responsible' person
and so it must have been 100% accident. You just dont go over to
the gear lever and pull it out and up !!  which leads to suggest
either major failure in nose wheel support or "where was the pin?"

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