AA MD-83 BDA Incident

From:         "Dr. Dale Tuttle" <dale.tuttle@ciesin.org>
Date:         08 Jan 96 01:35:19 
Organization: Ciesin
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Aviation Week finally ran a large story about the AA MD-83 which
clipped the trees coming into Hartford several weeks ago.  As some
of you may recall, I asked them why they originally did not run a
story about the incident.  They replied that incidents such as those
were "not uncommon" and thus elected not to report it.  Judging by
the detail of their current story, this was not a common incident!
The aircraft ran through the trees for about 250ft and finally
landed short of the runway (in the over-run zone).  The article
gives a pretty detailed description of an extremely close call.

However, all of this begs the question of the original refusal to
print an article.  Was Aviation Week unaware of the true scope of
the incident or were they trying to keep the incident low-key in the
interest of the airline?  Regardless, it took them an awfully long
time to publish an article about a very serious incident.  Comments?

Happy New Year to all...

Dale Tuttle
Saginaw, MI