Re: Refueling frequency

From: (Kim Hackett)
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Date:         10 Feb 96 12:30:56 
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>When operating a commuter style operation (many short hops in a day), how
>often is a plane refueled ?

How often a plane such as the 737 is refueled depends on many factors.  One of
which is the price of the fuel at the local airport.  If it is expensive, they
will tanker fuel and not fuel at the expensive airport.
Fueling can be safely done while the plane is being loaded and unloaded.  The
only restriction was that passengers could not smoke during the ground time due
to fueling,(this is no longer even an option however).
You ask if refueling severely reduces plane turn around time .... you must mean
does it severly increase plane turn around time.  I don't think it really does.