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Date:         10 Oct 96 11:29:25 
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On 01 Oct 96 23:56:38 , Tregear <> pounded on
the keys to say:

>I've heard the A320 has a Ram Air Turbine, that automatically ejects
>into the airstream upon engine failure.
>My question is where is this Ram Air Turbine positioned and how big and
>how much power does it provide?

The A-320, B-757, DC-10 and some other aircraft have RAT's. In their
basic form a RAT is a small propeller (approx 3'to 4' diameter)  that
will deploy when a particular set of flight parameters are met
( in-flight, engines not working, etc.) . When deployed the air
rushing past the RAT will cause it to turn and power a generator or a
hydraulic pump.

RAT's are normally located in the bottom of the aircraft near the
centerline and produce (hopefully) just enough power to keep control
of the aircraft.

Hope this answers your question  -Don