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Date:         10 Oct 96 11:29:25 
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+In article <airliners.1996.1949@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:
+>I've heard the A320 has a Ram Air Turbine, that automatically ejects
+>into the airstream upon engine failure.
+>My question is where is this Ram Air Turbine positioned and how big and
+>how much power does it provide?
+It is positioned just forward of the Left MLG.
+It is about 30 inches in diameter and provides hydraulic pressure in a
+hydraulic failure not engine failure.
+I could give you the real details out of the MM if you want them.

This is quite interesting.  I was in a rather heated discussion in another
ng over the RATs.  It started with me questioning the use of a hydrazine
(very nasty stuff) powered APU in the F-16.  This ac also has a UPS
(Uninterruptable Power Source) which is used prior to starting the APU in
the event of engine failure.   Which I understand, powers up much faster
than a regular APU.  The main argument for having a hydrazine APU was due to
the unreliable power provided by a RAT.   That is a RAT does not provide
good 400HZ power for the ac systems.

I sounds to me like someone may have been spouting the gummint line on the
reliability of RATs and the power they produce.  Anyone have any comments.

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