ATR 72 EMR evacuation

From:         Tukano <immoeadj@cetus.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE>
Organization: Technical University Berlin, Germany
Date:         08 Oct 96 13:00:11 
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Imagine an ATR 72 to be evacuated urgently on the ground: We suppose an
a (right) engine Fire, so that everybody is rushing to the back of the
a/c. Will the craft's rear fall on the ground (tailscrape) due to the
mass of people (including Cockpit crew) rushing to the back? In normal
OPS there is the necessity to fix a stick under the fuselage below the
rear doors to avoid the described effect when boarding/ disembarking the
In case of this, you may forgot the left rear exit (main door) because
it is a "stairdoor", so that you will have to walk up before leaving it.
Additionally, there is stairbanister on the left side, so to run away
from the a/c may be really difficult!
Is it common to certify such risks, and does other a/c offer similar
limited escapes in case of an Emergency evacuation ?

I appreciate your comment,