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>: Europe to South America is not a problem.  In fact, most of Europe to
>: the eastern part of South America (including Rio and Buenos Aires) can
>: be done with 120 minute ETOPS with little or no penalty.  There's a
>: hole in the Atlantic that poses a problem for routes like LHR-CCS
>: (Carracas, Venezuela) but it all but disappears with a 180 minute
>: rule-time.
>I believe the CAB (the UK equivalent of the FAA) introduced a new
>category, the 132min ETOPS, to close that Atlantic gap. Seems all those
>charter airlines with large RR powered 757 fleets wanted a straight path
>to Florida.

You're thinking of a 138 minute rule-time (a 15% increase over 120
minutes).  However, it was created to close a small "no-go" area much
further north, between paths which use Iceland and the Canary Islands
as their alternate.  The hole mentioned above is much larger and is
south and west of the Canary Islands.  Check it out using my GC map
at, which also has some info
on the 138 minute rule-time.

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