Re: longest flight?

From: (Merlin Dorfman)
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Date:         08 Oct 96 13:00:09 
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
: >     My wife and my sister-in-law have both flown this JFK-JNB segment
: >in both directions (not together) and I believe it stopped in the
: >Azores to refuel every time.  Sample size is at least six flights,
: >three in each direction, various times of the year.

: Are you sure it was the Azores and not Cape Verde?  The Azores are
: pretty far north of the shortest path, while the Cape Verde Islands
: are right on the money.  (When United planned to fly IAD-JNB, they
: were going to stop at Cape Verde -- both ways.)

     My wife doesn't remember and my sister-in-law is not conveniently
available to ask a question.  You're probably right--the Azores are
way out of the way, and the Canaries aren't much better.  If I can get
a solid answer I'll post it.
                                      Merlin Dorfman