Re: Refueling frequency

From: (Richard N. Rea)
Organization: Brigham Young University
Date:         10 Feb 96 12:30:55 
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In article <airliners.1996.171@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Jean-Francois Mezei) writes:

>Does refueling severely reduce plane turn around time or can it be safely done
>while other operations are going on (luggage loading/unloading, catering
>load/unload, passenger load/unload) ?

On at least one occasion the 737 on which I was flying (Morris Air OAK-SLC)
added 2000 lb of fuel after everyone was on board.  The plane was just about
to be pulled away from the ramps when the capt. elected to add fuel in case
deteriorating weather at SLC necessitated alternate destination or delays.

BTW:  I'll bet that if they could they would have put hand rails in the
ceiling of those planes to allow excess passengers to stand in the aisles ala
city bus.