Re: Air Canada DC-9s questions

From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
Date:         08 Oct 96 13:00:07 
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Jean-Francois Mezei wrote:
> On a recent DC-9 flight on Air Canada (LGA-YUL), I noticed the year
> "1967" on a plaque on the left side of the entry door frame. (My first
> flight in a DC-9 in years)
> I would be interested in knowing when the DC-9s were first introduced,
> and when they were at their apex of sales, and when did sales of new
> DC-9s stop ? Was the DC-9 immediatly replaced by the MD80 or was there a
> few years in between ?

	You were mostly likely on a DC-9 Series 30.  First delivery of
this model was to Eastern Air Lines on January 27, 1967.  So yes, you
were flying on a rather elderly airliner.  The MD80 was first the DC-9
Super 80, so the DC-9 became the MD80 instead of being replaced by it.
One day it was the Super 80, the next it was the MD80 (no, I don't know
the exact date that it changed, though it was in 1983).  If you consider
MD80s to be late model DC-9s, sales apexed in the 1980s - far more -80s
have been delivered than all other DC-9s added together.

> Are there still a lot or DC9s that were built prior to 1970 in service
> in North America, or was the one I flew a true/rare "vintage" one ?

	There are still a lot of the older DC-9s flying.  Northwest is
actually buying old DC-9s to build up its fleet.  With the availability
of the ABS Stage 3 hush kit, you will see DC-9s in service for a long
time to come.

	I'll leave the rest of your questions to be answered by the more
operational types here.  However, one thing you seem to be confused
about - DC-9 oxygen masks are fed from a tank, while MD80 oxygen masks
are fed from generators.

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