From:         Tukano <>
Organization: Technical University Berlin, Germany
Date:         08 Oct 96 13:00:05 
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Tregear wrote:
> I've heard the A320 has a Ram Air Turbine, that automatically ejects
> into the airstream upon engine failure.
> My question is where is this Ram Air Turbine positioned and how big and
> how much power does it provide?

That's right, the A320 has a Ram Air Turbine (RAT), which is deployed
either automatically or on command of a  Cockpit crew member, in case of
a total electric failure or total engine failure. It is able to provide
enough power to supplement the blue hydraulic system.
The automatic pitch control of the propellers provide a constant engine
speed in the propeller hub to the generator.
After deployment of the RAT, it can only be "geared up" on the ground.
It is positionned in the fuselage in the left wingbox.
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