Re: inoperative Fire Detection

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Date:         08 Oct 96 13:00:05 
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Kamal Hisham wrote:
> I am a pilot on the B747-400, and I am interested in opinions on the =
> unavailibity of the fire detection system on one engine.  Supposing a =
> flight departs with Fire Detector Loop A on engine # 1 inoperative, and, =
> inflight, Loop B on the same engine fails.  Now, a situation exists =
> where there is a total unavailibilty of fire detection on eng # 1. =
> Should the flight continue to destination, or should it be landed at the =
> nearest suitable airport? Shut down the engine or let it be ?
> What else can be done to take care of the situation?

  This really seems like a Question for the Flight Standards Captain of
your airline, and I'm wondering if it wouldn't already be addressed in
the flight manual for the airplane, or for the airline ..??
   On a somewhat related note...I went through some training a while
back on the DC-10 fire suppression system. The instructor noted that the
APU and #2 Engine share the same two fire bottles, and the instructor
noted the following: IF the APU should suffer an inflight fire ( I guess
DC-10 can use the APU aloft ) and BOTH bottles must be used to suppress
it ( disch the first and wait...if necess disch the 2nd ) ... THEN...#2
Engine is required to be shut down  because there is NO fire suppression
left for it should it suffer a fire.
   Anyway, my backgroud is maintenace, and this was a maintenance
course..but the intructor was a former pilot.