A330/A340 wing design (was: Re: A3XX vs B747-600 (was: Airbus lawsuit coming?))

From:         "McElravy" <cpa1@penn.com>
Date:         01 Oct 96 23:56:41 
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> Is this the root of the deficiencies in the A340's wing design you
> claim, since the A340 wing is a compromise between a twin and four-
> engine design?  (The twin-engined A330 uses the same wing.)

I've never read or heard a satisfactory description of how Airbus managed
this feat. Even though it is the same basic wing design, there has got to
be SOME differences. I remember when I first heard that they used the same
wing, I was very impressed for  the first five seconds I thought about it,
and then began to wonder about efficiency and performance factors. So, how
does it work?

							Evan McElravy