Air Canada DC-9s questions

From:         Jean-Francois Mezei <>
Organization: Vaxination Informatique
Date:         01 Oct 96 23:56:40 
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On a recent DC-9 flight on Air Canada (LGA-YUL), I noticed the year
"1967" on a plaque on the left side of the entry door frame. (My first
flight in a DC-9 in years)

I would be interested in knowing when the DC-9s were first introduced,
and when they were at their apex of sales, and when did sales of new
DC-9s stop ? Was the DC-9 immediatly replaced by the MD80 or was there a
few years in between ?

Are there still a lot or DC9s that were built prior to 1970 in service
in North America, or was the one I flew a true/rare "vintage" one ?

Also, I noticed a hole in the leading edge of the tail, just above the
fuselage. Is this an air intake for the apu ?

Also, the rubber gasket on the front door seemed quite different from
other more modern planes. Is this the actual air tight barrier when door
is closed, of does this very visible rubber gasket serve a protective or
other function ?

Finally, through an opening between the wall and overhead bins, I
noticed a copper pipe (looked like copper) running along the wall with
some hookups for every row. The pipe was about 1cm in diameter. Had it
not been for the Valuejet crash where those oxygen generators were
described, I would have thought that this pipe would have been the
oxygen supply. I seems too small for the air supply for the over head
air nozzles. What would this pipe be used for ? Is it possible that on
some models of DC9s, the oxygen was centrally supplied through such a
pipe as opposed to having individual generators over every row ?