Re: "Crooked 737s?"

From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
Date:         01 Oct 96 23:56:39 
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MikeM727 wrote:
> In article <airliners.1996.1913@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (DDAnd)
> writes:
> > Is the crabbing always in the same direction?
> I discussed this with my Captain and we both thought it might be always
> the same direction.  But we couldn't agree which direction, so...actually
> we're not sure.  We'll have to check again next time we're behind one.

I would suggest you also see if you can tell if the 737 is taxiing on a
single engine, and if so which one. The nose gear should appear "closer"
to the non-op engine if you are directly behind the 737's line of travel
(can't use the phrase 'directly behind the 737,' can I?). Seems to me
(without putting pen to paper...therein lies the grain of salt :-) that
the combination of shimmy-dampers on the MLG and single engine taxii would
easily result in a more noticeable crab angle than you would observe on
an aircraft without shimmy dampers on the MLG. In the latter case, any
crab angle would be due only to a slight induced "scrubbing" of the nose
gear during single-engine taxi, rather than a slight rotation of the main

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