Re: Dominican charter carrier loses 757

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Date:         10 Feb 96 12:30:54 
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>> The aircraft was described as being en-route to Frankfurt "via
>> Berlin Schoenefeld", which doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

>I heard that it was flying first up to Gander Newfoundland for a re-fuel.
>Any truth to this?

Apparently the planned route was indeed to Gander, then Berlin, then

The question also arose of whether or not the plane and carrier were
ETOPS-certified, and it's *possible* that this route would avoid the
need for ETOPS, unlike a non-stop route (which at about 4,900 miles
is beyond the 757's range).  A non-ETOPS route from London to New York,
assuming Narssarssuaq in South Greenland is not available, requires a
13.5% increase in flight time and 3250 kg fuel penalty (for a 757) as
compared to a three- or four-engined aircraft (or an aircraft with
135-minute or better ETOPS), with a fairly high probability of
cancellation due to weather.  It appears that Gander to Berlin would
require a substantially lower penalty since the great circle route
would already take such a flight further north than London - New York,
though the odds of cancellation would not be diminished.

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