DC-8 Ground School

From:         mleibelt@tcs.itis.com (Mark Leibelt)
Date:         25 Sep 96 13:40:13 
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Found this in my old DC-8 stuff,  Maybe someone will get a laugh out of the
way Douglas builds aircraft.


The DC-8 is a cabley operated, hydraulic connected, electrically controlled
via a cable system thru the micro switch and toggle switches via handles,
control levers, limiting switches, reversing controls and positive stops.
Alternately controlled by and overridden by, backed up by manual control
handles.  This will allow the operation of the pneumatically controlled
torque tubes which in turn will allow the operation of the aux. system.
Each system is a seperate system but connected together by a cabley
operated manual override control handle.  Being located next to the control
switch that controls the pneumatic compressor relief, regulator by-pass
control mechanism that operates completely automatic until selected to the
override position causing the two (2) springs to work in opposite
directions, putting force in the opening by-pass port causing the push-pull
rod to move to the closed position of the flaps, ailerons, rudder,
pneumatic, hydro, electric system if all are operational and making sure
that the amber light is on next to the blue one that just went out.

Leave it to the Douglas Cable Aircraft Company..

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