Re: longest flight?

From:         Adam Dobrzycki <>
Date:         25 Sep 96 13:40:11 
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM writes:

=> (An interesting side-bar is that JFK-JNB is one of the few interesting
=> routes outside the Pacific between Hawaii and North America which needs
=> 180 minute ETOPS to operate with a twin, assuming any twin had enough
=> range.  There's a "hole" in the Atlantic just north of the equator for
=> 120 minute ETOPS, but most interesting flights can skirt the edges of
=> it and thus not require the more stringent 180 minute ETOPS rating.)

SLC-IPC and IPC-PPT (Santiago - Easter Island and Easter Island -
Papeete, for code illiterates) is another VERY interesting route that, if
I am not mistaken, requires 180 minute ETOPS. This route is actually
served by twins - 767s of LanChile. There is no island with a suitable
airport anywhere between the Chilean west coast and IPC or between IPC
and PPT (well, there is hardly any island at all...).

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