Re: "Crooked 737s?"

From: (Jos Gielen)
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Date:         25 Sep 96 13:40:10 
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Jim Messina <> wrote:

>On 13 Sep 1996, MikeM727 wrote:

>> At BWI often our 727 is lined up behind a half-dozen or more USAir 737s.
>> My crew and I have consistently noticed something every time we taxi
>> behind a 737.  From behind, they seem to be bent while taxiing!  What I
>> mean is, while the nose wheel is on the centerline and tracking straight,
>> the main wheels are not equidistant from the centerline.  It looks like
>> the thing is crabbing.  What's the deal with that?  Anybody?

>Easy one. They are taxiing out with only one engine running to save fuel.
>It does put side loads of the nosehweel with the engine out on the wing
>but seems to be standard practice when the aircraft is light and delays at
>the runway are expected(you're number 5 for takeoff).

>When the aircraft is heavy, single engine taxi out is difficult and
>possibly hazardous to ground personell or structures because of the large
>breakaway thrust needed.

ALL 737's do it, also the ones I know off that don't taxi single
engine. On a a twin engine jet that is stupid by the way, unless your
pretty light and looking at long delays on the taxitrack, and don't
have to move too much.

As for the "crooked" taxiing, the rudder of the 737 is oversized, and
makes it hard to taxi in a crosswind. That could be one reason. I must
say however that I've also seen them do it on a windless day. The
nosewheel is not off-centerline btw.

Jos Gielen

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