Re: "Crooked 737s?"

From: (MikeM727)
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Date:         25 Sep 96 13:40:10 
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In article <airliners.1996.1887@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Jim Messina
<> writes:

>Easy one. They are taxiing out with only one engine running to save fuel.
>It does put side loads of the nosehweel with the engine out on the wing
>but seems to be standard practice when the aircraft is light and delays
>at the runway are expected(you're number 5 for takeoff).

I don't know if I buy that.  Regardless of asymetric thrust, on the ground
the airplane should track stright.  It's not like its flying in the air.
It looks like they need to take the thing down to Midas and get an
alignment or something!   Also, I don't notice this on any other
wing-mounted jet.  Or even on turboprops where it's obvious when they're
taxiing on one engine.