Re: "Crooked 737s?"

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Date:         25 Sep 96 13:40:10 
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As a follow up to my reply on the MLG shimmy damper's on the B737 I
looked up the B737 MLG configuration in Norman Currey's book on landing
gear design and it shows the shimmy damper incorporated in the torque
links.  At static position I would estimate that the distance from the
oleo c/l to the apex of the torque links to be approx 20 in.  If the 5
degrees swivel that Mr. James mentioned in his reply is in the ball park,
then the damper would have to accomodate a displacement of 20 * 5 / 57.296
= 1.75 in or  +/-0.875 which doesn't seem out of the question.  From
Jane's the 737-300 has a wheel track of 206 inches(17ft,2in) and wheel
base of 490 inches(40ft,10in).  Using  2.5 degrees of MLG 'steering' the
airplane could end up taxiing in a crab such that one MLG would be 82
inches from the centerline while the other would be 124 inches from the
(206/2 - tan2.5 * 490 ) = 82, (206/2+tan2.5 * 490 ) = 124.