Re: Media biasness reporting crashes?

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Date:         10 Feb 96 12:30:53 
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>Just wanted to put another perspective on biased reports : here in France,
>when a foreign plane crashes, the report takes 2 minutes.

You're lucky -- I've found that in many cases the US media doesn't
even mention foreign plane crashes, even ones that I'd expect to
garner at least a little bit of notice.  You'd think that the recent
An-32 crash into the market in Zaire would have had enough mayhem to
attract the US media, but all I saw were the AP wire reports carried
by ClariNet, with nothing in the local newspapers or on TV.

>When an Airbus crashes, all previous crashes are listed ...

That's pretty common here, too.

>and the journalist insists that "although the plane has been declared
>innocent a debate remains open in a couple of cases" (which, from a
>technical point of view, is false).

The official report on the Mt. St. Odille (aka Strasbourg) A320 crash
on January 20, 1992 does not determine a single, probable cause, and
last I heard there were active legal cases involving people associated
with the crash and investigation, though officially I suppose you are
correct if there is in fact a final report on the crash.

Likewise, the debate on Habsheim is technically closed since the
official conclusion has been published, despite the fact that there
are a number of questionable circumstances involving the crash and the
subsequent investigation.

Has a final report been issued on the June 30, 1994 A330 test flight
crash?  I'd expect there to be one by now, but I haven't seen mention
of it yet, just preliminary reports published in AW&ST.

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