Re: Why not a full length upper deck on a 747-600X

From:         "David K. Cornutt" <>
Organization: Residential Engineering
Date:         18 Sep 96 13:52:15 
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In article <airliners.1996.1895@ohare.Chicago.COM> Tomas Stephanson, writes:
>Why does Boeing not want to extend the upperdeck the full length of
>the aircraft, is it not economical, aerodynamic, weight penalty?

They were studying this very configuration about four years ago.
I don't know if they got as far as trying to solicit launch
customers.  I think the thing that killed it was economics;
not that the beast couldn't be developed, but a determination
was made at the time that they couldn't sell enough units to
repay the development cost.  Also, back then, there was the
possibility of a joint development with Airbus, and that
has since gone by the wayside.

David K. Cornutt, Residentially Engineered, Huntsville, AL
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