Re: CSAT III Landing Control

From: (Brian A. Reynolds)
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins
Date:         10 Jan 96 02:01:42 
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In a discussion on CAT III, we were debating the the actual requirements for
the various subclasses.  The operational requirements come down to CAT IIIa
Decision height 50 feet, uncoupled (manual) landing, CAT IIIB, no decision
height (full automatic landing), disconnect autopilot at a defined speed for
control, CAT IIIc, automatic landing and roll-out guidance to a full stop.

Questions -
	1)At what speed does the nose wheel steering become effective?

	2)As a CAT IIIc landing would require a fully controlled nose steering
	mechanism, are there any commercial aircraft certified for this?

	3)If there is someone knowledgable about the L-1011, what is the
	mecanism for nose wheel steering (i.e. tiller/control wheel or
	controlled through foot pedals?)