Re: Why not a full length upper deck on a 747-600X

From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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Date:         17 Sep 96 02:24:43 
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>Why does the 747 have a upper deck in the first place? Was it
>for futre expansion?

This has come up in this newsgroup a number of times -- it's there so
the 747 could be converted to freighters and have an unimpeded main
deck.  More details are in the newsgroup archives, which can be found

>Why does Boeing not want to extend the upperdeck the full length of
>the aircraft, is it not economical, aerodynamic, weight penalty?

Certainly weight is a factor, and a full-length upper deck would also
mean a redesign of at least the verticle tail if not the empenage in
its entirety.  A double-deck design also poses problems for entry and
egress, both at gates and in emergencies.

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