Re: Tiny SST (was: SST development)

From: (Don Stokes)
Organization: Victoria University of Wellington
Date:         17 Sep 96 02:24:43 
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Peter Dowden  <> wrote:
>In the 80s/early 90s a SST of bizjet size was proposed, by
>Gulfstream/Sukhoi. Whatever happened to this? A typical modern jumbo has a
>dozen first class seats in its 300-odd total, so a dozen-seater SST seems
>to me to be a realistic size, and it would be lower-risk technology wise
>than a big SST. Could be quieter on takeoff too.

Question: would a small SST, say 20 seats plus crew, say the size of a
(shudder) metroliner, travelling at Mach 2 at 55,000+ ft, produce enough
of a sonic boom at ground level to prevent overflying populated areas?

If not, could one be built that was cheap enough to operate and had
sufficient range to offer 20 cross-US seats at fares comparable to first
or even business class on the same route?

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