Re: Tiny SST (was: SST development)

From: (Magnus Redin)
Date:         17 Sep 96 02:24:43 
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Peter Dowden <> writes:

> In the 80s/early 90s a SST of bizjet size was proposed, by
> Gulfstream/Sukhoi. Whatever happened to this? A typical modern jumbo
> has a dozen first class seats in its 300-odd total, so a
> dozen-seater SST seems to me to be a realistic size, and it would be
> lower-risk technology wise than a big SST. Could be quieter on
> takeoff too.

Saab calculated on a business SST with STOL performance based on an
enlarged Viggen for executive transports between the small airfields
near industrial areas in USA. The project died when the oilprices went
up and supersonic flying over continental USA was banned.
Unfortunately it was rather ugly with the cockpit windows below the

A group of retirees from the old Viggen design team has recently
designed a beautiful SST executive transport hoping it could be
something for SE Asia flying north-south over the waters between
vibrant economies. They only need something like 50 customers.

Send me an email and I will give you their adress.

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